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he said. Then click on the penny. Rosie said this to you, I do not think they ever do. I smiled and told me to wait and see what happens, and when they come to our room, we want one step at a time. To my surprise Rosie smiled and kissed me, much more passionate than usual and even stroked my penis, something never normally do. I said, I assume you are in a bit, and she replied a little. I told him to go to the baths and othere, how wet it is and when you return, nod to me, if it is too wet, and I would ask Matt and Sue, when the two want to join our hotel Rosie and was Sue, who returned from the toilet. Sue came over and sat beside me and then came Matt. Wanted wanted so I asked if they were both back to our hotel room we were very pleased that this is happening and what is more important Rosie, we returned to our room. As soon as Sue told me that when he put his hand on my leg and gave him a squeeze and whispered in my ear that can not wait returned to the room and break the ice, I proposed a game of cards, and had won the election, a group of clothing or just have someone a kiss. Matt won the first game of trumps, I chose this game because it was quick and had a winning hand after every fourth card. Rosie told to take off her blouse and said he had been drooling over the delicious hwlooking at boobs all night and could not wait to see more of them. To my surprise Rosie showed no shame at all and took his coronation in record time. Her tits looked beautiful and I could see her nipples were already hard and erect, I also noticed that Matt 's eyes seemed almost out of the head. Sue looked at me and smiled, and I think how much I wanted to fuck tonight. The game continued, and Matt won the next two games, which at the bat9 end of Rosie 's tits sucked another man she had known only about two hours before me, my bat9 cock was rock hard and my pre cum - had started the mud of my bat9 cock that was about what had happened to disturb. It was not long before I had taken Sue bra and sucked hard on her breasts. Her nipples were huge and had at least half an inch after he finished sucking. Also Rosie took the belt and had an idea of ​​her pussy. It was easy as I thought it was absolutely soaked. It fast reached the b
Quotes at9 point where someone lame, I wanted Rosie at first so I got up and took her bat9 hand, walking around the room to the bed. I knelt between her legs, slowly stroking my own cock and a finger to Rosie Pussy ' s fans. She moaned as I did, and closed her eyes as she leaned back. He was too moist and creamy, I almost shot my load of white sauce in the stomach, luckily I did not and continued to stroke her clit and pussy soaked in fact have her first orgasm of the night. After my cock into her, wrapped her legs around my back and I fucked her for about four cycles before pumping my sperm to her. I stayed there bat9 and bat9 found out that Matt and Sue had seen and sat down, slowly stroking each other 's cock and pussy. I whispered to be fucked bat9 to do with Matt Rosie because she just smiled and then took her hand in the direction of Matt. His cock was already hard and shiny finish, and without the mran like a kiss of Rosie, knelt between her legs, her freshly caught and drowned in the well. In doing so, some of my sperm was expelled from his ass and ran to his ass. Sue came over and sat on my lap and started kissing me, kissing me back and said they can see her husband fuck my wife and I fuck her doggy style. Matt kissed Rosie and pumped his cock in and out of her lovely wet hole. He sued and was fed by gently rubbing her clit pussy, she took her finger and said, I want to fill my ass with your fingers, and ten years opened her legs, so that access clean shaved pussy. I could see that Rosie was about to climax and Sue was very close, both moaned and groaned at the same time. Sue approached the bed and knelt on the bed next to Rosie. I knelt on the bed behind her and began stroking her back and her pussy lips apart. Sue came behind her and grabbed my cock was all I wanted to be fucked, so I pushed and I was driving my tight pussy juicy cock for the first time that night. I had picked Rosie and I only fuck someone else, and I was ready to shoot my cum on it when I realized that Matt had Rosie fucked without a condom and was buried in Susa, my unprotected bat9 eggs, which are clearly carried out and pumped bat9 my sperm into her, God did it so well. Continue..... Please contact us for both of us get to know better


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We were sitting in a bar, looks around and in the new context, has little Rosie know tonight was the night of your fantasies come true. We were about a couple who contacted me after a show on the Internet had to make. They were about our age and I've explained that we are and see how things were between us all, and when we get together, we can do overnight. Rosie wore a skirt and a blouse buttoned in the front. He also wore a new line of lace lingerie, which I had bought as a gift before we left. We had a drink of vodka, in our hotel room before going to, or better said Rosie, who had a Coca -Cola. Rosie cherry cheeks looked as it always does when he drinks in the afternoon and was in a very relaxed mood. She was really very touching, sentimental, it can be, but not always enough to relax or feel the need to be so, but today it was. I realized our partner in the bar, come luckiland while I was at the bar. They were beginners too and saw the wife of Matt, a little nervous, but Rosie was totally unaware that could happen in the coming hours. I started talking to them and to the surprise of Rosie sat bat9 there, where bat9 we were and took their positions went to the table. We were sitting in a dark room on the corner of a private class standing. We started chatting, bat9 and luckily we found we had much in common with Matt and Susan. She wore a skirt that was too tight around her butt, though not overweight and had established tits apparently crawled on her low-cut top, when he laughed, which fortunately was done often. our plan before meeting Matt and Susan went to visit a couple of pubs nearby, but so great were so good we decided to stay. The talk eventually about sex, and what our likes and dislikes were. Somehow I had moved during the coursand at night and sat in a chair next to Susan. Rosie was noted on the couch next to Matt, who I felt had been sitting very tactile Rosie. That looked promising, I thought. Matt and Susan visited the bathroom and while they were there I went and sat next to Rosie and gave him a kiss, bite the lips and inserting his tongue into her mouth. She said that if we continue like we are bat9 going back to use our room, I say that to be a good idea and maybe Matt and Sue could join us,